ALTKRAFT is an analytic email marketing platform. Created for the automation of email communications. Indispensable for customer research, trends and the effectiveness of email campaigns. LEARN MORE
ALTKRAFT is designed to automate a marketer's tasks and provide all the best tools for targeting and communication in a single email marketing platform. LEARN MORE
ALTKRAFT gives you ability to measure one of the most important and unpredictable metrics – the rate of customer engagement over the long term. LEARN MORE
A new standard in behavioral analytics
Cohort analysis is the most advanced tool in audience research.

  • Group subscribers by the opt-in date and measure their lifetime in your database.
  • Evaluate external influence, e.g. new design or special offers, on customers’ engagement.
  • Track the trends of increasing customer loyalty to avoid list fatigue.
Cohort analysis
Unique metrics for email engagement

Open rates don’t always reflect campaign effectiveness. What really matters is how much time customers spend on your emails.

Who skimmed your message? Who read it from beginning to end? How much time did the customer spend reading it?

No other ESP can give you such stats. Only ALTKRAFT.

Everything is possible
ALTKRAFT can instantly process all your subscriber data, send emails at cosmic speeds and measure the reliability of A/B testing stats.
The platform offers all the latest tools for email marketing and analysis. Plus, new features are constantly being added – faster than you even need them.
Unique metrics
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